Friday, August 8, 2008

~Romantic Night~

What a beautiful and romantic little spot! This would be an ideal setting to relax with some wine, feel a cool breeze and watch the golden sunset. Enjoy your Weekend! Daisy~


  1. This is a beautiful spot, it would be hard to leave it!

    Thanks for stopping by my virtual house tour. I think Julia at Hooked on Houses is going to do it again in the fall....

  2. This is exactly where I could spent some time...beautiful!!!
    Have a nice sunday;)

  3. a very romantic and peaceful place!
    great photo!
    have a nice sunny sunday

  4. Perfect spot for relaxing with good friends - wish I was there right now...

  5. Oh it looks so cosy and comfortable. I could imagine some good food, great company and fine wine at that table. I LOVE your previous Blue post. I am more of a blue girl than a pink girl... must be the house full of boys I live in! A-M xx

  6. That looks like the perfect retreat... no children allow! Just mommy time... where's that glass of wine you promised?

  7. I agree with what fifi said.

    The perfect oasis.

    Anna :)


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