Thursday, September 18, 2008

~Designer's Guild~

I am telling you what- I can not get enough of Designer's Guild. I absolutely love this store. I have never actually been inside one of there places, but I love the website. They have the most beautiful and lustrous fabrics. Someone take me there, Please! Even though I know I probably wouldn't be able to afford anything. I still want to go!


  1. you are so right! very nice style!!!
    wish you a nice day.
    sunny greetings from cold germany

  2. these pictures are gorgeous...i love all of the color in the rooms! it's so happy!

  3. Hi Daisy,

    My name is Chris and I am the Marketing Director at Designers Guild.

    We are delighted that you love what we do and even more so that you have chosen to spread your enthusiasm far and wide via your blog! It is much appreciated. We definitely hope to see you in our Kings Road store sometime soon!

    Best Wishes


  4. Wow! Thanks Chris- I feel somewhat honored that you left a comment on my blog. I really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by. Daisy~


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