Thursday, November 20, 2008

~Selina Lake~

I have to give this interior stylist props for coming up with new and innovative ways of decorating such as hanging this dress above the couch or hanging all your jewelry on the coat rack. Her ideas are fresh and fun! Also, check out her book Bazaar style to get even more great inspiration!


  1. I want to wear that dress. Badly.

  2. nice colors..when i showed this to my sister..she loves it soooo much=)

  3. What a wonderful blog! Beautiful pictures and so much inspiration! :)

  4. Really great inspiring pictures! Thanks for sharing!
    Wish you a colourful day! ;o)
    Greetings from germany

  5. That dress above the couch is fantastic.
    It would be a shame to keep it hidden in a closet.
    I definitely have to steel that idea.
    As always, thank you for the inspiration.


  6. hi daisy! That dress looks fab the way it was hung like that ....
    Started writing in my blog again, would love to see you there again :)
    Best, joy

  7. Bazaar style is so fun. I love that pink pouffy thing over the dresser. And the venetian mirror over the fireplace.. I'm thinking about doing that so it is fun to see!

  8. You know, I don't think I could live in an entire house like this, but I love her style. I would do my guest room like this, and a bathroom or two. I love having a style that is present throughout your home, but with some surprises here and there. Hanging a dress over a couch is so fantastic!

  9. Just found your awesome blog!!! It's right up my alley!! I am going to add you to my "Enjoyable" blog list!!

    I will deffinately be back for more

    eye candy!!!

    smiles, Joy~

  10. She's Great isn't she? I haven't seen the photo of the pink and white living room before. Positivelye gorgeous!


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