Thursday, January 29, 2009

~Pretty Fancy Windows~

I've always had a thing for windows and doors! I am always checking them out in homes. Especially, the historic homes with the big long windows. Here is just a tiny collection of some of my favorites.

Via: Ritz Carlton

Via: Philip Galanes

Via: Shoot Factory

Via: IVillage

Via: Jeffiers Design Group

Via: Jessica Helgerson

Via: Forbes

These windows go from floor to ceiling and the bedroom is set on a little pond. It is gorgeous!

Via: Pottery Barn

Via: Pointclick Home


  1. Me too! I'm obsessed with windows. I think they are the eyes to the home and so important. I love the floor to ceiling ones you have posted. I have saved that one in my 'next time' file! A-M xx

  2. WOW, those kitchen windows are amazing! Love it. Lately I've been noticing the black metal windows used in homes in Europe. They're so lovely.

  3. The kitchen windows are amazing. I like the round windows and like you said the floor to ceiling windows! :) The 8th picture down is gorgeous...can I have that kitchen?

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Your blog is great...I adore those hanging lights in the kitchen....

  5. Yes yes yes I too love gigantic, historic windows, along with unusually high ceilings of course. Large windows make everything look more dramatic (in addition to the obvious plus of allowing more sunlight in).

  6. I, too, am obsessed with doors and a-door the beautiful Argentinian doors I have in the garage just WAITING to be installed when my house is renovated ... I could be waiting a while though!

  7. I love those dining room/kitchen chairs, especially the blue one. It looks like my desk chair. Pottery barn? Wow.

  8. I love those steel windows in the second image as well as that two story kitchen with the gorgeous windows above the cabinets. What a great idea.


  9. Wonderful pictures-windows are really a dressing for a home...unfortuntely I rent and have to live with what I have. The doors of the place are horrible. My dream home would have a fabulous door-I believe would be a double dark wooded door. That may sound not to appealing, but trust me, I have seen some that would take your breath away.


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