Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~For the love of Lily~

......Lilly Pulitzer that is!!!
~It all started with a simple Shift Dress~
and a juice stand...
Lilly first started selling lemonade to earn money in starting her clothing company!
I am sure many of you are familiar with Lilly's clothing... but here is a grand opening of one of her stores. Wish I could have been there!!! I've never actually been in one of her stores. I just love the colorful vibe she has going on.

Don't this just make you want to grab a yummy treat from here and then go relax on the pink couch just enjoying the atmosphere and maybe some people watching.

Palm tree Chandeliers

One out of many of the colorful Dressing Rooms

Lilly's patterns have became so popluar that people are actually taking the fabric and making things themselves. Here is just a few.....

Hope you enjoyed.... Have a great day!!