Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bon~Bons & Seashells

I first saw these cute little BonBons made on A pocket full of Posies Blog, so I had to copy and make some myself for a little mermaid party! But, I am just going to use them as decoration...hope nobody tries to eat them!! But aren't the necklaces cute, though. Maybe I will get around to making the necklaces too.......oneday~ here are the bon-bons that I have made so far. I am planning to make more, but I need to get some different fabric. Also, I wanted to show off my new seashells that the kids and I painted yesterday. These are going to be for the little mermaid party as well. I believe, I need to get pretty jars to put them in, but other than that I thought they turned out good. What do you all think?