Wednesday, June 2, 2010

~Pretty in Pink Contest~

Well, to me there's nothing better than Pink! The more the better!!! So, I thought I would have another Contest but this time I am looking for all things Pink!!
I am looking for impressive photos of your home, party decorations, weddings or anything that has to do with Pink in it! I thought this would be a good way to show off your work, have fun and inspire others!! Please, Please Sign up!! I would love to see your ideas! I will be giving a surprise giveaway to the winner. Thank you and I look forward to seeing your great photos!

Here's how the contest will go:
*If you wish to participate please send me an Email at with the following by June 20 2010:  Your Name, Email and an attachment or link of your photos.
*Once all entries have been recieved, I will then post the top 5 on here then....
*Fellow bloggers will get to have the decision to Vote for their Favorite! *I will then post the Winner by June 27 2010