Monday, July 12, 2010

~The Wedding~

Hey gals~ I thought I would share some photos of the wedding that I was in on Sat. The Bride is my boyfriends sister and that is me- the bridesmaid in the blue dress! (Gosh, I don't think I have ever shared on here photos of me.)  Below is The gorgeous flower girl little girl is on the right side~

This is my Dads 1950something Ford Thunderbird....he promised me this car when I was little, that it would be mine  when I turned 16. Well, when I turned 16 he changed it to when he passes I am holding him to it to never sell it....I love this car!

Again, this is me with my boyfriend(the kids dad)....yes, I know everyone asks why aren't we married yet?


  1. Daisy it is so fun to see you! And your daughter is just so adorable! Looks like a fun wedding! And yes....make sure you get that in writing about the car ;)

  2. Your a cutie Pie..... and yes this is the first..... I'm so glad you did. You know when your reading and looking at others peoples blog..... you get some idea in you head what they may seem to look like... well your a lot younger then what I thought..... which is a good thing.... wish I was!

    Hey I can see why you would want that car... It look very nice, especially in Red..

    Come on get married..... It's wonderful to be secured in Marriage. Life is so short and passes away quickly... I wondering if your getting the itch after standing up with you friend.

    Oh by the way you look beautiful as a bridemaid, but I'm sure even better as a Bride herself... and your girls are absolutely adorable with there pretty yellow dresses.... I love it!

    Have a Wonderful Day*

  3. Hi Daisy,
    I was stunned to see such a beautiful T bird. My dad WAS also a collector and cherished his. Are those 57's? My dad passed away 6 months ago and we are heartbroken. His cars sit perfectly still in his garage. He has 2 57's and a ford fairlane. We have been trying to find someone who will treasure them like he did. Would your dad know someone or be interested? I have no idea where you are, I don't see your email here. Can you contact me at: please
    Thanks very much.

  4. You are a gorgeous bridesmade, and the little flower girls are so cute. I love seeing photos of bloggers on their blogs, always nice to see the face behind the words :)
    And that is one awesome car!


  5. OMGosh Daisy, there you are, there you are!!!!
    YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Who cares if your not married. My hubby and I wanted children before we ever got married. 22 years later, here we are with 3 grown ups.
    LOVE the car, and don't worry, daddy always gives his girls what they want : )
    What a little doll you have there. I bet that's your little blond guy too?
    OH my, I just saw that little princess cottage. I'm getting some great ideas for my other little guest cottage now. Have to go back and check her blog.
    Talk to you soon Daisy.
    Loved seeing you.
    Love Claudie

  6. So... why aren't you married yet? ;-)

    It's nice to see photos of you and your family, great to put a face to a name. The two flower girls look gorgeous together and the Thunderbird looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Take care xx


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