Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Carnival Birthday Party~

Well, over the weekend I had a surprise Carnival Birthday for my boyfriend...he turned 30 so I thought it would be fun to throw him a Party!

We even rented a dunking booth!!

Here is where I got my inspiration!
This first party is amazing....but I can't afford to spend that much :(

Hope you had a good time looking at all the photos- I know there were lots.....sorry I don't have the credits!!


  1. Really great idea and it looks like the party was a blast!! So creative! Love the balloons on the board~ how did you attach them? Super sweet thing to do and Happy 30th to your b.f.

  2. What a cool party! I love the decoration and all the beautiful ideas like the big glasses and the lollipop!!! Great!!!

    I love your blog, it´s great!!!


  3. those WERE amazing, but yours looks wonderful too!! What a great idea and a LOT of work, hope he had a blast!!

  4. This is the first time I see your blog, and I've enjoied it a lot, it´s so cute!:)
    This is mine (hope you like it!):


  5. i dream of throwing a party like that! i cant even imagine the preparations that go into that!

    what a blast!



  6. Looks like an amazing party and I'm sure everyone had a blast. A lot of hard work I am sure by the looks of it. I hope he appreciates all the thought and hard work that went into it.

  7. I just found your blog and what a time to find it! the party looked great, I would have liked something like that for my 30th!!! though it was a while ago and is nearly my 40th!!!!
    Will look forward to reading your future posts.
    Andrea at Fin and Gabs

  8. Hi this is fabulous and looks like oh so much fun. Just thought I would let you know that I have awarded your blog with an award. To get it just visit here http://beedevinedesigns.blogspot.com/ copy the award to your blog, write 3 things about yourself then pass it on to up to 5 other blogs. I truly love visiting your blog its gorgeous, thanks
    Melissa :)

  9. You did a great job!! Love the dunking booth :-)

  10. Hi
    I'm planning to have a party like yours too, but on a smaller scale with 20 people max. Did you rent your tent, tables and chairs? Also do you have any tips?

  11. This looks like a fun party! Love the dunk tank too!

  12. wow! what a lovely party!

    Hope you all had funnnn! (:

  13. Looking at the photos of the carnival just made me feel so good, thatnk you!,
    Mother Hen

  14. You know, that party which was your inspiration was pretty over the top! I love what you did and I would love to have a party like that for my daughter, or even my husband!!! That was so cute!!!

  15. Hi, your blog is just faboulous, I'm looking for ideas for my daughters 5th birthday party, but the pictures in your blog are just wonderful... I will have to use some of your ideas...
    If you like you can also visit my blog (www.kaatje1010.blogspot.com)... There is a tool to translate in English (as the blog is in Flemish)... IT's google translation though, so literal translation, but I'm sure it'll you an idea... I'll keep on following your blog... it's just wonderful!

  16. Wow, awesomework, well done!
    Happy weekend.

  17. such a lovely idea! the pictures are really amazing, great work!
    have a great start in the new week!

  18. Daisy your party was just perfect! I can't imagine how much fun everyone had! Renting the dunking booth put it over the top! All I saw were tons of smiles & I was smiling too! Fabulous party!!!

  19. Found you through the blogfrog... LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!! My daughters 1st birthday is coming up and i just love all your ideas!! Check out my blog sometime!


  20. What a wonderful party you threw.
    Lucky fella!!
    Your party looks just as good as the inspiratiion photos.
    Have a lovely week
    Cari b.

  21. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog this minute! Your party looks SO fun! I hope your boyfriend had a great time and you were able to do so as well~
    I saw your photos & it's kind of funny, I was looking at the same ones on another blog I happened to have stumbled on a few days ago. A couple pictures were from her site. If you are interested, http://www.partystartme.blogspot.com/. Shabby Chic Fairy is the party she through for her daughter, and that is the photo with the little green fairy shaped boxes and the banner on the front of the table.
    Thank you for your very fun place! I hope to pop in again soon!

  22. Fantastic! What a party!
    greetings from Holland,

  23. Greetings from Iowa! Just found your lovely blog!!! This party idea is wonderful! Love all the attention to detail! Kudos to you! Will be back soon to visit!

  24. Wouah, quel bel univers que le tien ! Rose, girly, joyce !
    C'est si romantique... devant un vieux moulin... Love.
    Et la journée Circus est fantastique ! J'adore les couleurs et les friandises !
    Tatieva, pink painter

  25. Wow! Super photos!!! J'adore!!!...I would loooooooove to host a "PARTY" like that....Lots of flowers and bright colors!!!

  26. WoW! i just happened upon your blog...and what do i find! What a fab party, your fella is lucky indeed :)

  27. What a compilation! Love your party and the inspirational collection

    thanks for sharing

  28. Cute party and love the inspirational compilations. Pure eye candy.

    I'll add your blog on my blog list
    Best of luck

  29. everything looks scrumptious!!!!

  30. Wow, what great ideas. I am definitely putting some of these into my inspiration folder with kids birthdays just around the corner.

    Also I think what a lovely idea for the boyf. I'm certain he would have loved his day and the effort you went to. It was just gorgeous and you should definitely be proud of yourself my dear.


  31. What a great inspirational post for parties! My boyfriend turns 30 in January. Too cold for such party in Amsterdam by that time, but I will keep your ideas in mind! Thanks for sharing,
    love Maaike

  32. Wow!! Your carnival party looks every bit as awesome as all the others Daisy!


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