Sunday, January 2, 2011

~The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills~

If you've never watched The real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you defiantly should!! I have became addicted to watching this show and now I'm wishing I could live in any of these girls shoes, especially Lisa Vanderpump!! People close to Lisa call her - Pinky! I really look up to her and I love everything from her British accent, gorgeous clothes, beautiful home and restaurants to her cute Jiggy (Gigolo) ,which is her dog! Lisa also cracks me up, she is so hilarious on the show! I've never been out to Beverly Hills but has anyone ever been to her restaurants- Villa Blanca or Sur? I would love to go though...someday if possible!
 Be sure to check out her website linked below!!
Hope all had a good Year!!

Villa Blanca


 Lisa's Home


  1. She's my favorite on that show too. I LOVE her clothes! She wears this really long diamond necklace that I adore. I need one of those...even if mine is only rhinestone.

    I'd love to visit one of her restaurants too.

  2. I enjoy her and Adrianne. I can't get over grown-up women fighting. It is addicting though!!

  3. I love her to death! Kori xoxo

  4. It is so addicting...and your telling yourself I should be reading a book instead...yet keep watching!

    Happy New Years!

    Art by Karena

  5. Hi Daisy so sorry its been an age since stopping by I got quite a lot of custome orders to deal with at christmas so became a terrible blogger :( wishing you all the best for 2011 loved the post I so thing that house is amazing havent seen the show but I know I would love it!! will go check out lisa's blog.
    Would love to have a meal there looks exquisite! :)

  6. I am partial to pink, I bake lots of cupcakes and that doll house made me weep it's so beautiful!!!!
    I am following you!

    Happy New Year


  7. I absolutely adore this show. I watched the Orange County version for a few years, but tired of it; I also watched the NJ version, but tired of it. I watched the NYC version, but last season was probably the last season of NYC for me. Never watched Atlanta.

    Beverly Hills is by far the best, in my opinion. I love their over the top lifestyles and personalities. I actually look forward to Thursday night when a new episode comes on!

  8. What am I missing!!! I watch Housewives of OC / NJ / NYC but I have not hear of this one! Is it shown in England??? Help!!!!

  9. Oh, how I LOVE this season of RH! Lisa is my favorite too, but I love all of the ladies (well I take that back... Camille has her moments!).

    Love your blog, too!

  10. i cannot say that i have seen that show. Mostly Dora or some other form of torture is on at my house.....but i can see from your pic's that i would hate my life were i to watch that show. lol

    :) i too, now want her life. hee hee


  11. Yes, I too am addicted to the show!

  12. Hi Daisy,

    Lisa is my favorite BH housewife too! Aren't her dresses with the rose accents fabulous?! She seems so grounded and one of the few that doesn't seem to be so full of herself. Her husband is adorable too! On the flip side is that completely nutty Camille...I want to strangle her! LOL

    Thanks for the visit...wishing you all the best in 2011!!

  13. I don't watch the show but might need to start! The images you share of her restaurants are gorgeous! I'd like to live in either one of them...ok maybe that's not gonna work out but you get the point.


  14. Daisy, first a big thank you for including me in your blog roll (xoxo)
    2nd never scene this show, but by the looks of her style, IM SO Going to..
    Love living vicarously through others..
    Going to go add your button to my site..

  15. Hi! I live in LA and way before the show started, I was at her restaurant (Villa Blanca) and she was there with her Dog. She was in a close by table and she apologized by all confusion, and mentioned she was the owner... The restaurant is pretty good, has a nice outside area and good food!! I couldn't believe when I saw her in the show!

  16. I love her too. Of course I would since I am a pink girl all the time and I have little dogs too. The funny thing is if you look at her dog and then at Ken her husband put himin a tight sweater and mess his hair and you have Jiggy. I don't mean to be nasty but she has a dog that looks like a dog version of her husband. ha

  17. She is my favorite Beverly Hills Housewife. She's smart and classy.


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