Saturday, December 24, 2011

~Merry Christmas Eve~

Oh...How I just love my kids to death!! They are so cute...this morning they woke up so excited with big smiles on their faces!! My oldest is so sweet- He said he wants our house to sparkle tonight for Santa, so he is going to clean,clean, clean!! My littlest one claps her hands together, smiles and sings - Santa is coming to town tonight!!! She dances around the house and then goes around to her brother, me and her dad individually telling us "Christmas is tomorrow, Christmas is tomorrow"! Oh, the little twinkle in their really is true!!

Twinkling lights
Gingerbread houses
Gumdrops and sugarplums
Chestnuts roasting
Sparkles and Glitter
Winter Wonderland
Dashing through the snow
Joyous day of the year
MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!

I came across this adorable & colorful Christmas Party on Kara's Party Ideas.....I just love it!!