Friday, January 27, 2012


Happy Friday!!Oh, How I desperately wish I had a little nook like this to go hide in, sip on my tea and just get lost in a book!! Heavenly to me!!
I believe this April/May we are planning to take a trip to NYC, so I need your help to let me know the best places I should visit such as craft stores, home decor, restaurants, thrifts, flea markets and clothing shops!! I always like a good bargain, so if you have any advice I would love to read it!! Thanks


  1. Ah I love these little cozy spaces...gorgeous picks!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I've always wanted a little nook like that, preferably with a window to look out of and dream! Small spaces are just so cozy.

  3. I'm with ya on wishing for a nook and that rock my world.
    Blissful Blessings ;-)

  4. These little spaces make me very very happy! I have always wanted a kitchen nook. Hope you are well...sweet one. xoxox

  5. the first picture just caught my heart:|..... *teary* wishing to have one NOW, lol

  6. Nothing is like å cosy nook...
    Reading a good book or just haveing a cup of licorice tea...
    Nice pictures.
    :) Beate

  7. I love little nooks-perfect for naps!

  8. I don't know of any places in New York, but I am excited for you to take a little trip, and I hope you have a wonderful time! Take lots of pictures!!!

  9. I love a cozy and warm and the perfect spot for reading!!

  10. MUST go to:

    ABC Carpet (flatiron district)
    FISHES EDDY (around 19th and Broadway)

    these are my two favorite places

    walk all over soho...and the west village
    hit magnolia bakery (downtown, not upper east side)

    alice's tea cup is cute for ahead
    I also love The Cupping Room (soho...west broadway around prince street) for a glass of wine

    have fun!

  11. No NY advice (sorry!) but those nooks are fantastic! Especially the one under the stairs!!! Wow! Have fun on your trip! :)

  12. Honestly this is my favorite place in the house aside from my bedroom. This is where I will ponder and think of ideas and inspiration. Excellent interiors.

    Jeavon @ Interior Design Pro

  13. I really like your blog..Great pics and som much inspiration:) I wish you a lovely weekend.
    LOVE Maria at


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