Sunday, May 27, 2012

New York City

Hope everyone's having a good Memorial long weekend!
I am so excited to tell others that this Thursday my family and me will be leaving to visit NYC!!
 I am jumping with Joy!!
It's been about 8 years since the last time we visited but everytime is just amazing!
Does anyone have any ideas on good craft stores or must see places?



  1. Yes, have fun here are a few of my favorite places:

    Laduree 864 Madison Ave macarons
    ABC Carpet and Home
    Tinsel Trading Company
    Payard Patisserie at the Plaza Hotel
    The Met Museum -especially the Wrightsman French furniture collection, costume area, Temple of Dendur area good lunch place inside the met or get a hot dog from vendor in front of the Met
    American Girl if you have young daughter
    Bergdorfs 7th floor linens and house stuff
    Central Park by boathouse
    Dylan's Candy Bar-Ralph Laurens daughter owns it
    Hyman Hendler ribbons WONDERFUL
    30 Rock area Hope you have fun walk fast, dont look up all the time, tell cabbies the cross streets like Lex and 64th not just an address
    Bon voyage

  2. Hi,
    I suggest you go to Alice´s Tea Cup.
    I´ve been in teh one in 73Str West.very ni cute and delicious!

  3. Hi!
    i suggest you to go to Alice´s tea cup.I´ve been in teh one in 73 Str West. It is very nice, cute and delicious!!


  4. FISHES EDDY!!!!

    skip Dylan's candy commercial and uncreative in my opinion...waste of time. INSTEAD...
    hit MAGNOLIA'S BAKERY...but it must be the one in the village, NOT uptown. and if you are entertaining a young girl, make reservations at Alice's Tea Cup.

    get your coffee at Dean and Deluca

    and buy yourself a METRO card and take the subway!
    take the 6 train to soho, get off at spring street and just walk around!!!

    pizza at Joes' Pizza on Carmine Street, between bleeker and 6th (next to my old apartment!) then walk up bleeker...pastry shops, gelato, beautiful brownstones...

    have so much fun!!!

  5. this my first time visiting your blog and its adorable! love the inspiration photos you posted!

  6. New York is awesome!! How was your trip?? Are you still there??

    1. Hey thanks for asking. Just like you said NYC is awesome!!! I want to move there now!!


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