Friday, May 10, 2013

~Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party~

Sorry Gals....I haven't been trying to ignore you!!
Things have been pretty busy around here......
I have been preparing for Bryah's 6th Birthday Party.  With a little persuasion from her mother (me).........she decided on having a Alice in Wonderland Party ;)  I am so Excited!! My son is constinatly kidding with me and says "Mom, this party is for Bryah and not you".  :)  I know that...I tell him......I'm just having lots of fun putting this party together. 
These are some of the decorations that I have copy cat. I don't think I realized just what I got myself into......these party take lots of work but I love every minute of it.
Now, I am just keeping my fingers crossed on having good weather on her Big Day!!

These Card soldiers have been a challenge so far and I am still working on them. 

I am planning on having a long table such as this one with the lanterns hanging above!

Just have to have these cute little Petit Fours.....even though I am still not exactly sure what they are!

The Chesire Cat is the Main Cake we will be having.......I really like the teapot too but decided to go with the Chesire Cat!

I bought these cute labels to add decoration to the treats!

A Must...............Teapots and Tea Cups!!

I am planning to have a photo booth with props from the Movie such as Mad Hatter .......I made a few hats out of card stock for guests to wear. Chesire Cat.......I made the smile and so on! You get the idea. Also, I have been working on making these flowers below.....they are so cute!!  I am planning to place these just around the area of the table. Maybe to give it somewhat of that in the garden feel. 

I've pinned all of these Ideas and you can see more here: Pinterest

Thanks to everyone......and have a great weekend!


  1. Wow!Such inspiration! I would LOVE to have a parrty like that...

  2. Wow, such great party ideas! Your Sweet will love you for this party! All looks fantastic.
    So enjoy your Mother's Day and I hope you have some breaks for yourself to recover.
    Love, Ines

  3. what a great alice unbirthday party very pretty like the tea table and the chairs love the alice theme cakes you have made lovely a wonderland party leon10

  4. What a great idea for a party...hope its a hit!

  5. This is unbelievable, Daisy! You did SUCH an amazing job! I can't get over how perfect and creative everything is. The cakes are beautifully done.

  6. So glad you liked my idea of the giant card soldiers!

  7. You are going to have so much fun putting this all together! Sadly my boys are getting a bit big for this type of party so will have to content myself with looking at how others do it. Enjoy! x Sharon

  8. Beautiful parties! What fun!

  9. That cake is absolutely amazing! Love the party ideas!


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