Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mermaid or Pink Lemonade Party??

Can I get your help? My sister is so indecisive and doesn't know if she should have a Mermaid or Pink Lemonade Party!! 

Which party is your favorite?
There's a poll at the end of the cast your vote!!
Thanks so much~


Pink Lemonade

Thanks so much Gals for your opinion! 

Which is your favorite Party theme......Mermaid or Pink Lemonade? free polls 


  1. gee both are so good but I love the mermaid-love deex

  2. While I cast my vote for the Mermaid party (those sea horse cookies and sea shell cupcakes were the clinchers), either would be beautiful. I'm just a bit partial to the sea!

  3. They both look wonderful but you could come up with more fun stuff with the mermaid theme! ♥

  4. danke für die tollen bilder!!! die seepferdchen sind süß!!! alles liebe, ange


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