Monday, June 23, 2008

Since her debut in 1959, Barbie has captured countless generations of girls, with her truly and sophiscated sense of style. Barbie and her fashions- featuring fine fabrics, exquisite miniature detailing and coordinating accessories- have enchanted women of all ages. This fascination is still very much alive today in the heart of every Nostalgic Barbie doll collector and in all of us who cherish fond childhood memories of our first Barbie doll.
~So come on Let's be young at heart~

Barbie-The best-selling fashion Doll in history now has her own 6,996 square-foot girly store. The store is located in Buenos Aires. It features Barbie Beauty Parlor where girls can go get glamorous hairdos and try on make-up for fun. Also, they can feel like Barbie by dressing up in the pink gowns and costumes. Discover the Barbie Doll Playroom which is just Barbie heaven. Getting hungry, go to the Barbie cafe and indulge in some Yummy frosted desserts.

A little girl about to get her hair all fancy!

These desserts look amazing! I like how they decorated the chocolate cake with the pink Barbie. So Cute! And I guess the others have purses, shoes and clothes- I am guessing.

What an Alluring Wall~ I love the pink wallpaper and the photos all come together lovely. It's so chic and girly!

Barbie is so popular they have even opened up Barbie's own Clothing Line store and Now Mac cosmetics is getting into the action as well.

These girls really do look like Barbie Dolls...the make-up seems to be Perfect

Mac cosmetics has teamed up with Barbie for their current theme.