Friday, June 27, 2008

Salt and Pepper Shakers

It's finally Friday... Yah Horray! I'm glad it's here. Ok Ok just had to express that, on another note- For years and years my dad has collected Salt and Pepper shakers and now he is getting me into these as well. They have some of the neatest, cutest, prettiest and sometimes most unusual shakers. I just love looking and checking them all out. So, I found these cute sets below- they are so adorable. Have a good Weekend Everyone! Daisy~

These little twin cuties were sold on Ebay.

These cute little owls I came across on Flickr.


  1. They're not exactly pretty - but they're SO cute and funny. You've gotta love the little birdy in love. Having my breakfast egg would always make me smile with those on the table.
    Have a great Friday!


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