Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~Fairytale Garden~

Transform your gorgeous garden into a fairytale treat! It's like a little magical forest!

Via: Cox and Cox


  1. Boy I would love a fairy tale garden like this. I live in the desert :) lol
    Thanks for stopping by. My friend is working on her website now, but as soon as it gets up I will be sure to send you the address. I have thought about your idea today. I really wish you alot of luck, I think its a great idea. Lots and lots of possiblities. You could maybe even do bridal or baby showers or have an annuel craft show with that kind of a venue. Keep me posted, I would love to hear how its coming along. Happy creating,,,gail

  2. pretty pretty...
    ps- i just tagged you... see my blog.. hope you'll join in!
    xx Trina

  3. Good morning.. if you head over to Fifi's Flowers there is an explanation.. I had been wondering too. And sad to see Felicity go. Can't wait to hear your quirky details ;)

  4. So beautiful! Especially love all those blueish-green color tones and that fence with those flowers is so cute!


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