Monday, October 27, 2008

~Country Cottage~

Ohhh, my favorite type of decorating style. It's simple yet pretty! Only one thing- I would have to add just a little more color to these rooms :) How about you?


Via: Cottage Living

Via: Country Home


  1. I'm in a bit of a neutral phase in my designs so this home is just right to me.
    Love all the windows and the distressed cabinets in the kitchen.
    Open shelves are always so charming.
    Thank you for another inspirational post!

  2. I totally agree with you..This is also my favourite style (my husband says it is typical for a Capricorn person), however I would add some colorful, joyful elements (it is said that this passion for colours is a Sagitarius thing, astrology seems to have answers to everything ha ha) - maybe some nice plates, towels...
    I really enjoy your blog and all these beatiful pictures that you put here.
    Thank you for inspiration!
    Have a great week!!

  3. I with you and Anna, this is my favorite style too. I love that green chair in the 2nd photo and also the 4th bedroom photo it all looks so relaxing! Thanks for sharing, lots of great inspiration!

    ~ Tara ~

  4. I love this style!
    Great post!
    Wish you a nice day.
    autumnally greetings from germany

  5. Very soothing style, but I would have to have a pop of color here and there!


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