Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~Canopy Beds~

Do people still like these beds? It seems like I heard on HGTV or something that they were out of style. I don't know, what do you all think? I really like how the first photo has it all draped up which gives it a very romantic style, but all of these are great!

Via: House to Home

Via: Designer's Guild

~Forgot where image came from~
Via: PBTeens


  1. I LOVE canopy beds. I don't care what anyone says! Each of the pictures you posted is beautiful. So romantic!

  2. I say if you like canopies, go for it. You can make anything work if you love it.

  3. I love the first one also.It brings a little princess atmosphere into the room...


  4. I don't think they are out of style. I just added panels to one for a bachelor pad I did.
    Looks great and he loves it!

  5. Who cares if they did go out of style. The pictures you have shown us today are stunning. I really don't think thats the case anyways. Canopies are beautiful and very impressive! In style or not!

  6. I never realized how many different ways you can design a canopy. Lovely choices!

  7. Hello...

    This is my first time to comment on your blog...I've been enjoying all of your beautiful photos for several days now! So very nice to meet you!

    Ohhh my...I don't ever see canopy beds going out of style! Loved all of the beautiful photos...each one brings such a lovely ambiance to the room!

    Warmest wishes...

  8. Your blog is great!
    I love canopy beds - I have one - and I don't care who says they are out of style, they are dreamy, lucious hideaways that are always gorgeous in my little world :)
    xo Isa

  9. Hello Daisy!

    Thank you for visiting me today!
    I love knowing a little more about you!
    You are very talented. Photos are sooo lovely.
    Love your blog! I'll be back!!

  10. I assume since you found these beautiful photos of canopy beds, even by Designer's Guild, that HGTV is out of touch. As you showed there are many different canopy beds, traditional to contemporary. They are all beautiful if draped well and in the right setting. I have a "shaker" canopy bed that I've had for years. It is still beautiful, but in a room that is too small. A canopy would just enclose my room even more. Sometimes and especially "these days" you just have to work with what you have! Thanks for the beautiful beds!

  11. I too love canopy beds. I agree, very romantic!

  12. I love them ALL! haha

    out of style they say? oh no they are soo wrong i belive :)

    nice pics as always :)

    Hugs from Anna in Sweden with the blog Home of Vain

  13. I hate the words "out of style" when it comes to home-decor. It is such a fabricated term to pump up consumerism. We shouldn't change our beds just because they're "out of style"!
    Besides, how can something that speaks to the princess fantasy of every girl be "out"? It's like saying wedding gowns are out :) I think they're wonderful, I LOVE each of the ones you posted.

  14. That will never go out of style, how can they such a thing! These are very timeless beds. :)

  15. i love them
    they can be so so romantic and homely
    i am annoyed my room is so awkardly shaped that i can't have one
    they will never be out of style as they can be so so unique depending on the person


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