Saturday, February 14, 2009

~Love is in the air~

I am in love with these cute Vintage valentine's. So adorable~

Valentine's is one of my favorite Holidays. It's so much fun to make creative gifts and cards with hearts and wonderful red and pink colors. Also,watching people receiving big bouquets of roses and candy all day! So, yes I just love it! Not to mention all the creative bloggers on here that show off their amazing artwork. Hope everyone shows plenty of love and has a
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Valentine's day is one of my fav's too.
    Happy Valentine's day to you Daisy.


  2. OMG!!!!! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT!!!!! I will definitely be spending time here in the future-getting ready to go our for V-Day now but I wanted to let you know.... Also, I will add you to my links.

    xoxoxoxo Minnie

  3. Happy Late V-day! I hope you enjoyed your day...the photos you have here are so sweet! Hugs~

  4. everything about this image is just so pretty, the mirror (wow), the towel (can it get prettier than this?) and the gorgeous flowers and the sink... i could go on and on!


  5. The Venetian heart mirror is beautiful. I too love Vintage Valentines.

  6. hello.....just wondeful blogg you have done...:)
    have you found out anything.
    about the lovly wallpapier you did ask about.:if anyone know where tou buy it or where to find?

    best rega´rds../mia

  7. gulle Hexan-
    Yes someone did find out but I can not remember the name of the wallpaper. Sorry:(

  8. ooh.. okay..
    .. sorry to hear that..
    i did really love them..:)
    thanks for answer:)


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