Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~Party Princess~

Well, I have decided to do a Princess Theme Party for my little girls birthday! Let me know what you think and if anyone knows any good websites to visit for inspiration please let me know! I would really appreciate it.

I don't plan to do these type of cupcakes but I do want a 3-tier to hold the cupcakes like the Princess ones above.

Don't you just love these candles? They are so great!!

I really love the glass decoration for extra light at night, but I'm not too sure since there will be kids hanging around, so maybe I can put it up high or just not light them. I don't know yet. I might not even do it.

I love the idea above of the canned goods that they recycled and wrapped with decorative paper. I believe I am going to do with but with some pretty pink princess paper to hold the forks and so forth.

I've decided I want to serve a few foods to match the color theme. I love those pink and white strawberries and all the pink candies in the glass bowls & containers. Also, in the last photo I like the idea of serving pink Lemonade and those chocolate-pink colored pretezels are so cute! So, overall I am hoping it's going to be a fun and pretty party that she will enjoy!