Friday, January 8, 2010

~Cute Ice Cakes made by little Emelie~

When I stumbled across this sweet story about little Emelie on Bakerella.....I just had to share! Emelie is a 6 year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden who is diagnosed with Coeliac disease. So, in other words her life-long treatment consist of a gluten-free diet. Since, the weather outside is snowy and icy, Emelie has decided to make these precious ice cakes that can actually be a part of her diet! They are so adorable and very creative! Emelie- You have touched my Heart in every way! These are the Sweetes little cakes I ever did see!

Please click Here to read more on Bakerella


  1. What a sweet idea. I love it. I am headed her way now. Wow, I might have to do these for my fire and ice dinner party.

  2. Seleta just posted about making something similar with her son. It's too cute.

    (long url below)

  3. She seems like such a dear little girl! How sweet to see her make those dreamy creations!

  4. So my goodness these are adorable...what a sweetheart she check out the link. Happy weekend.

  5. Wow - these are so cute! Going to check this out - thanks!!
    Have a great weekend :-)

  6. how precious!!! the darling cakes and the sweet little girl!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. How fun!!!! Can you imagine having these on a pretty buffet table! SO cute!

  8. How adorable! Can't wait to read more about Emelie.

  9. What a creative little girl! Having ice cakes at her tea party! LOVE it!

  10. Hi Daisy Pink,

    Love your blog!! Stumbled upon it and have been looking through it - what beautiful pics and concept you have! Do you have any advice for a newbie blogger? Just started mine and am alone in the technosphere. Would love to hear your opinion of my blog if you find the time

  11. Oh, I find it so much fun to visit your blog! But when I leave, for some reason, I always leave hungry for something sweet! Thanks for the hospitality and in return, I will be quite hospitable too. Visit my blog anytime!
    Stacy Mayer

  12. They're so dreamy and sweet! Thanks for sharing this!!

  13. So lovely...warms my heart!

    Tricia - Avolli

  14. That is SO SWEET!! Oh, breaks my heart! That ... Oh, lovely! And so Beautiful!

    Have a very happy new year! Greetings from Kajaani, Finland

  15. Lovely post!

    I've just given you a "Beautiful Blogger" award over on my blog :)

    Claire Marie x

  16. I visited your blog many times , I started a blog two weeks ago , maybe you like to see it , kind regards Karina

  17. Now there's a sweet little girl with an amazing creative spirit. Isn't it amazing that someone so young can find a way to forge through her adversities?? I'm so happy you posted a story about her. It was just darling, as was she and her icecakes!!
    See you again soon for some more "sweet" stories!

  18. What a precious post! I am gluten intolerant myself, so I can certainly appreciate little Emelie's story. I just discovered your blog, and I will definitely be back!

  19. Lovely post and story. I'm off to read more.

  20. Oh! How adorable! Have a sweet day!

  21. Hey Daisy
    Just saw your blog, and I really like it!
    It's always nice to see/read a blog with nice photos!
    I am from Denmark and have i blog myself
    -please tjeck it out

    Best regards


  22. Wow. That little girl is gonna grow up to do something FABULOUS. I mean...gorgeous ice cakes at 6!?!

    She's gonna be the next Martha!

  23. The ice cakes look wonderful! Great idea.

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