Thursday, January 14, 2010

~Vintage Brooch Bouquet~

I am just loving these charming Flower Brooch Bouquets! They are so creative~ They would look great in weddings but.....I could see my little girl holding a pretty bouquet outside in the sunshine running around and playing while I snap photos of her! I am going to have to try finding some vintage brooches.....anyone have any suggestions other that Ebay?


  1. check etsy, they should have quite a few!

  2. oooh! Those are amazing! I'm not
    creative at all & I'd never have
    thought to create something so

    You could post a want ad on your
    local Craigslist, or even take an ad
    in your newspaper. If you are friendly
    with the people at your thrift or antique stores, you could ask them to set brooches aside when they come in
    and give you a call. Tell them you need a lot of them.

  3. Bonjour Daisy,
    Oh I love these vintage brooch bouquets, and it would be great for the (slightly offbeat) bride. Paired with a vintage dress though it would be so lovely.
    Thanks for a pretty, inspiring post!

  4. These are very sweet!
    I remember seeing something similar awhile back from Jennifer Paganini... and wouldn't these sparklers look fabulous along WITH fresh flowers in a a bridal bouquet?! Thanks for sharing!

    I'd think you could find a load of these goodies if you keep an eye on garage sales in your local senior communities - those ladies have the best vintage bling!

    Deb @ Retreat

  5. Wow...these are so so lovely. Now who would of ever thought such a lovely idea? Thank you so much for sharing the beauty! xoxo

  6. I know our Sunday Market (flea market?) have stalls selling old jewellery, bits and bobs etc. Perhaps one near you would sell them for modest price? They are beautiful, even sitting on a dresser in the bedroom they would be lovely eye candy . . .

  7. Those are fun! But I think I'd still rather have real flowers in a wedding. Maybe just one or two tucked in with real flowers would be pretty.

  8. How cool are these little sweeties. Have a great weekend. Heidi

  9. I have never even seen those before! They are just gorgeous! I love how different all the flowers are in each bouquet! Thaks for sharing!

  10. Sooo pretty!
    Happy weekend,

  11. Wow! Beautiful, such pretty colors!!
    Maybe they sell them on etsy?
    Good luck!

    Jolijn (Design)

  12. Hi Daisy. They are just amazing. Thanks for a good blog :0)

  13. What a great idea!!! I collect flower pins, but only have like 6! I don't have enough to make one of those,...YET!! ; ) Great post! Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. wow these are gorgeous! They would be such a beautiful modern twist on a wedding dress!

  15. OOOh can't help it, love, love, love your blog ;)

    greetings from a Dutch in Sweden


  16. that is so lovely.. never would have thought to do that

  17. these are fab!!! etsy, flea, estate sales...

  18. WHAT an incredible idea! I love those vintage brooches as it is, and making bouquets with them is fabulous. THANKS for showing these pics.
    I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE it! So I will be following you.
    Greetings, Katinka, Denmark

  19. Those are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you for sharing...I just started a new folder in my favorites to start collecting wedding ideas for the day my son get's married. I will present all the ideas to his girl...and let her "run" with them!

  20. Daisy, I just recently discovered your blog and LOVE IT! It's just fabulous! Thanks so much for all the wonderful inspiration!


  21. VERY cool idea! I know whenever Iam out at antique stores iam always seeing old brooches and old jewelry...also I was thinking you could probably even use old earrings to make these too, just a thought. Try looking are bound to find something! At least with my experience.:)

  22. Daisy what a stunnign blog you have LOVE it! These photos have cheered up a cold grey morning - beautiful brooches :-) x

  23. These are so great!! I wish I was that creative.these seriously look like they were professionally done. love this blog. thank you! clickhere

  24. I know I already wrote about this but :) Everytime I see this cute little brooch on my side makes me smile!

  25. OH MY!! My heart is singing. I *need* to make these, and fill a few vacant vases I've got laying around!

    Now, when I pass those brooch vendors at the flea, I'll know what to stop and look for!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  26. Hi Daisy,
    I have a Happy 101 Award for you over on my blog. It's a thank you for always having such incredible things to show us on your blog. It makes me happy every time I come to see you!!

  27. What a LOVELY IDEA!!
    It's always a treat to come over and see your post.

    Enjoy your Evening-

  28. Hi Daisy, what a PRETTY blog! and I love the vintage brooch idea, thanks for sharing with us. Bless you!


  29. All I can say is THESE ARE AWESOME.

    Love them! What a unique and stunning idea.

    xo Cathy

  30. Very cute brooch bouquets, until it's time for the bride to toss the bouquet! Then what? Sort of dangerous to toss. LOL.


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