Wednesday, September 5, 2012

~Shabby Apple Giveaway~(CLOSED)

I was a nominee for the Martha Stewart American Made contest but-

Well, I didn't make it into the top finalist list :(  oh well!  
But the good new is.........
Shabby Apple GIVEAWAY goes to AMY from 
The blog Into Vintage 

A big thank you to all that participated!!!

Look great and get you a new dress for the fall season!
Shabby Apple is honoring a winner with a $50.00 giveaway to their store
Also, everyone can receive  10% off including the winner.
The Coupon Code is: daisypinkcupcake10off

More on the rules:

1.) Leave me a message in the comments 
 2.) Go to Shabby Apple's Facebook  HERE and then  click  "LIKE"  
3.) You may enter everyday if you like by leaving me another comment until Sunday September 16, 2012 which is when the contest will end at midnight