Monday, September 3, 2012

~Labor Day Weekend~

Oh, how I love everything about this photo.....from the big clock above the stove, the chandler, weathered furniture and the chalkboard sitting on the console table! Gorgeous!

Hope everyone is having a great 3 day weekend!! Ok, now just some writing of random thoughts.................
I ordered my products from Mountain Rose Herbs last week and just can't wait to get them in to start making my all natural products such as cleaning products, cough medicine, shampoo, deodorant and etc. I am turning over a new leaf.......I'm so excited. People are laughing at me for going all natural and even shopping for groceries at the whole food health stores.  But, the reason is because I want to feel better. I am so tired of being tired all the time with no energy, not sleeping well, not eating good. I want all of this to change. So, I am doing something about it!!!
Anybody with me? :)

So romantic with a french feel!

Love the vaulted ceiling in this kitchen!

Wicked chairs and brilliant back windows and door!

Old English feel!

Cute little stool skirt!

Yellow bathtub....I've never seen one like this! Love the crown molding covered by the pretty pink!

I am just smitten with the photo...the dark floors, crown molding around the entry and the pretty!

Pink...Pink....Pink....need I write more!

Love the table and windows!

Cozy little eating space with lots of sunshine!


  1. Oh, I love each and everyone of those spaces.
    And I am glad you are doing something about it. Going natural is very good, I can't wait to move so I can go back to eating more healthier options.

  2. hiii flower!!! oohhh so pretty!!! i love it!!! thanks for sharing!!! xoxo

  3. What wonderful inspiration photos.....I especially love the pink!! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment :) Happily following you!

  4. Oh my goodness, you got me with all these great images. I love some of these ideas! Good luck with your Martha Stewart contest too! I was just reading that post and continued on. That is cool that you have that opportunity!

  5. Your blog is such a fantastic place! I can't tell you how many dollhouse ideas have come out of you collection of photos. You are such a God send! Thank you for always posting beauty.

  6. What a cute little skirt!




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