Sunday, December 16, 2012

~My Christmas weekend~

First, I will start with Elf on the shelf......How many of you out there have one?  If you don't, I highly recommend that you get one!! These are the greatest little cuties!!
The joy the kids get in there eyes when they wake up in the morning and try to find Rigby (the name of our elf)..  This morning Rigby decided to take a little ride with his girlfriend, where they went to go glaze at the Christmas tree :)   The kids thought that was so funny!!

We went to take some photos of the girls but my little one wasn't have it, so her cousin did the modeling instead. She's so adorable!

So, we started Saturday afternoon with Make-overs for the girls....they were in heaven!! While the little girls received hair, make-up and nails getting done, my boy walked his baby cousin around the store! And stopped to try on some Cute Headbands.

They looked so wild after!!   So Sassy.........

Then, we had to stop for a quick Snack...... Yummy glazed mini Donuts!

Next stop was at Hobby Lobby. The girls were turning heads everywhere........smiles, stares and second glances. 

Then at Forever 21 the girls just had to try on some dresses as I tried on a few things myself! They keep saying we have to look good for when we go to Prom and turn 16!!  It's so adorable.......

Today, we meet up with cousins and decided to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum. They wouldn't let you take photos on the tour, so we just have this one photo outside in the entry door.

Next, we went to the Galt house where they have their annual Christmas events........ 

Bryah and Daddy writing letters for Santa

The girls got to meet the Snow Fairies and myself as well!

They had a real - life size gingerbread house!! Makes me think of Hazel and Gretel.

Lastly, the kids got to go on a mini Train ride through Peppermint forest!
Overall, we had an amazing weekend.....It was so much fun.
Thanks for visiting our Christmas Weekend!!!
How about you? Do you have anything exciting to share about Christmas this year?


  1. What a fun weekend....your photos are adorable..enjoy your week.

  2. Super cute photos! Thanks for sharing :)


  3. It looks like you had a very very fun packed day! The girls are absoultely adorable.
    Happy holidays!

    Amanda Rose

  4. Peppermint forests, gingerbread houses, snow fairies.... So much fun!!


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