Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SWAP from New Zealand

Hey….. A while back I had asked if anyone from another country would like to do a Swap of products …of things that we can't necessarily get in our own country!!  I'm just a O' American girl ! Well, Thanks to Penny from New Zealand it happened!  Be sure to check out her Blog as well……..Little Housewive 
It was so much FUN….and look at all the goodies I got from her :)
My kids were so excited….they ripped open the package before I could even get to it. My son was about to eat the chocolate cookies (in NZ…they are called biscuits) and I had to stop him just so I could get some photos of everything. Well, it turns out my photos didn't turn out too good, so I had to copy them from Penny…oops!

First up…..Magazines!!  I couldn't wait to look these over!

Then I had asked Penny for a Make-up Palette made by Sleek…..which is a product that we can't get in the U.S.A.
Also, a concealer, lip balms and some ointment! 

I think we all know Cath Kidston……and since we can't get her products in the America (or at least I've never see them) I was thrilled to get this little Make-up/coin Bag!!  

In a email I had told Penny that I really like Chopsticks but the word was meant to be "Chapstick"…..that was my auto corrector for you! So, I thought it was funny when I saw these in the package. My daughter loved them too….she put them in her hair!

Next is the chocolate cookies I mentioned earlier. When I gave my son the O.K. to have one…..he did not hesitate a second. He ripped the red bag open and you would have thought he was in heaven. He just kept going on about how good they were and almost ate the whole little bag. He had chocolate smeared all over his face and was running around all excited and acting like a crazy person!

My husband was in love with these little treats!

Lastly, is this little Jewelry Tree to hang all my creations on!

And here are the things that I sent Penny

A few Hair Bows from my Etsy Shop…. Daisy Pink Wish

I haven't tried this lip balm yet…. but I've heard a lot of great things about it!

Another product that I've never tried or even heard about before… Yes Penny is even introducing me to new things over here!

Just for fun….. 4th of July stickers!!

A Candy Colored necklace….also from my Etsy Shop Daisy Pink Wish

Some Pretty Pink Wilton Baking Cups! 

Last but not least….some good o' fashioned M&M's!!!  I haven't tried their White Chocolate either (Gosh, I really need to get out more)
So, girls what do you think? See some things you like? So, what else can Americans not get over here….can you think of some things??

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