Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~For the love of Lily~

......Lilly Pulitzer that is!!!
~It all started with a simple Shift Dress~
and a juice stand...
Lilly first started selling lemonade to earn money in starting her clothing company!
I am sure many of you are familiar with Lilly's clothing... but here is a grand opening of one of her stores. Wish I could have been there!!! I've never actually been in one of her stores. I just love the colorful vibe she has going on.

Don't this just make you want to grab a yummy treat from here and then go relax on the pink couch just enjoying the atmosphere and maybe some people watching.

Palm tree Chandeliers

One out of many of the colorful Dressing Rooms

Lilly's patterns have became so popluar that people are actually taking the fabric and making things themselves. Here is just a few.....

Hope you enjoyed.... Have a great day!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~I want a new Bed~


Car- Moebel

House to Home

Designer's Guild

Christina Schmidhofer

Ok I guess I don't really need one, but I am just wanting a new bedroom suit badly. I just wish I had the extra funds. Plus there are so many choices........ I don't know what to decide on!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~Real Life Barbie House~

I'm Back!!!! This weekend was crazy.......but so much fun! I will post photos whenever I get them back, but first take a look at this Life-Size Barbie House! I know this is probably old news to most, but I still had to post it. In honor of Barbie turning 50 in March, a birthday was thrown in a real Barbie Malibu house designed my Jonathan Adler. Celebrities came out to celebrate the event! I would have died to have gone to this event. I love Barbie and all of this being real and life size just makes it oh so much fun!!! Also, in September 2009 Jonathan Adler is launching a line of Barbie things, such as a pink candle made to smell as if you were in Barbie's actual home called Malibu. So I will have to defiantly check it out. To find out more things about Barbie click here.

For the chandelier in this photo, barbie's hair was used to make it....something like 30 wigs. Hair tassels were also made for use on the table lamps.

I love this Barbie Fabric. Would anyone know if it can be purchased or ordered online anywhere?? I would love to get it.

The centerpiece mirror above the fireplace was made out of 65 Barbie Dolls.

Over 200 yards of fabric were used for this room!

I wish I could have been at this Barbie Party!! It's so neat.....love all these decorations!!!

Wallpaper or Curtains?- I am assumming

Barbie's hair keeps getting lighter, her skin has a tan and I am sure they have made her skinnier too! Don't you just have this love/hate for Barbie!!