Friday, January 27, 2012


Happy Friday!!Oh, How I desperately wish I had a little nook like this to go hide in, sip on my tea and just get lost in a book!! Heavenly to me!!
I believe this April/May we are planning to take a trip to NYC, so I need your help to let me know the best places I should visit such as craft stores, home decor, restaurants, thrifts, flea markets and clothing shops!! I always like a good bargain, so if you have any advice I would love to read it!! Thanks

Monday, January 16, 2012

~Alice in Wonderland~

Can you tell I am obessed with anything "Alice in Wonderland" of my all time favorites!! I am hoping to talk my little girl into having a Alice party either this year or next...I will just have to go all out!! This party would be so much fun to decorate!
Have a good weekend!

Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies - Cupcake Toppers- 12 Pink Orange Antique Teapots Toppers - Tea Party
Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies- The White Rabbit  Silhoette Cut Out - Table Centerpiece Room Decor

Party Printables PLACE CARDS Mad Hatter / Alice In Wonderland - Krown Kreations

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Painting the roses red

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Featured in Child Style Magazine, Ooh La La Headpiece, hat, birthday hat, headband

Featured in Child Style Magazine, Mad Hatter Headband, White Rabbit Hat, Bunny Headband, Birthday Headband, Tea Party Hat

Sunday, January 8, 2012

~Sugar Sugar~

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Warning: You will probably experience a Sugar high/overload......but "Hey" that can be a good thing...right? So, go grab something sweet because your in for a treat!!!  Enjoy your Day~~

I bet you can guess what themed party this is??? I just love the tutu and white apron to go around the table...brillant~

Glittery Fairy Cake drops