Sunday, October 14, 2012

~Court Days~

Today, I am visiting Court Days  in Mt. Sterling, KY.  This is a tradition that has been around for centuries. It use to be when settlers from all around the country would come to set-up selling, trading and buying livestock, fresh gardening foods, weapons and such which I thought was really neat. Fortune tellers and games would be around. As of today though it has changed of course. I have never been but I do have a small list of some things I would like to get: 

Lets start with # 1: A lovely turquoise dress I could hang in my new craft room. It doesn't exactly have to be turquoise....Pink will work too :)

# 2: Some pretty little pillows to set on my new Yard sell wicker bench(which I still need to paint)

# 3: A gorgeous double comfy chair

#4: Oh, these mirrors.....I have always dreamed about!!

#5: Can I just take the whole room?

#6: A turquoise Chandelier to hang someplace....any place!

#7:  A old Trunk to paint

# 8: Some cute little bottles, boxes, glass dispensers and such

#9: Those doors...can I fit them someplace in my home?

#10: A cute little cabinet to put all my shoes....I would like to add some purses, scarfs, and whatnot at the bottom of the dresser!

So, there you have it. My top 10 wants from the flea market today! Will I get them....probably not but a girl can wish can't she? 
What are you wishing for?

Friday, October 5, 2012

~I put a spell on you~

It's that time of the year again (my favorite)......crisp fall weather, chili on the stove, honey crisp apples, pumpkin patches, Bonn fires and festivals!!
I would like to decorate my home a little this year, so I've been looking at some ideas....these are some I really like!
My little girl wants to be a Witch this year, so I told her we could make her a tutu and buy some striped stocking, dress up a hat and get a cute shirt! She's excited and I am too!