Thursday, July 30, 2009

~Alice in Wonderland~

I know many are probably anticipating the New Tim Burton "Alice in Wonderland" movie coming out in March of 2010, so here are props, costumes, and set pieces that were displayed on a tour in San Diego! I would have loved to have been there!!! I am just hoping this movie wasn't as bad as Charlie and the chocolate factory by Tim Burton. Either way he always knows how to create an interesting setting! Find more photos HERE

Alice's Dress

The Queens head is so huge looking on the movie previews- Why is that I wonder? I guess to just make her look weirder.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bon~Bons & Seashells

I first saw these cute little BonBons made on A pocket full of Posies Blog, so I had to copy and make some myself for a little mermaid party! But, I am just going to use them as decoration...hope nobody tries to eat them!! But aren't the necklaces cute, though. Maybe I will get around to making the necklaces too.......oneday~ here are the bon-bons that I have made so far. I am planning to make more, but I need to get some different fabric. Also, I wanted to show off my new seashells that the kids and I painted yesterday. These are going to be for the little mermaid party as well. I believe, I need to get pretty jars to put them in, but other than that I thought they turned out good. What do you all think?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~Cute store~

Isn't this little pink store filled with cuteness! I love it. Sorry the photos aren't the HERE to see them better!! The lady who took these photos said the store was closed that day but can you image if they were open, I'm sure it would smell like cupcakes in there! Ok, enough corniness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~Lovely Landscaping~

Hey~ Things around here have been pretty busy. I got my first tattoo this past Saturday! I was pretty nervous at first but was suprised when it didn't hurt that bad at all. Here's some pretty outdoor setting inspiration. Hopely, maybe oneday I will have some land this Lovely.
Also, A big Thanks to everyone that helped me with their great ideas on the Pinup Cowgirl Party!! I really appreciate it. Have a great day!!

Lena Granefelt

Per Magnus Persson


~My new tattoo~

A few were asking what kind of tattoo I got, so I decided to post a photo of it. It's nothing too fancy, just some simple stars! I had thought I might get some daisies but then decided against it for maybe next time!

Friday, July 10, 2009

~Happy Friday~

I'm so glad the weekend is here! I might be going to yard sales I'm hoping there are some good ones!! Also, I'm hoping for some Fun in the Sun by going swimming, have lunch or dinner outside in a fancy setting with family (this will probably happen just no outside or lovely setting...Oh well) and lastly order me a nice camera! Hope everyone has a great weekend.......Enjoy it!

Annika Vannerus

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~Our new Boston Terrier~

Hey everyone!! I have to tell you about the newest edition to our family......a 6 week old Boston Terrier girl. Ohhh, How this little dog is so Sweet and Cute!! This is a early birthday present for my son, Hayden who's turning 6 in August. He named his new puppy Jonezee. (I guess thats how you would spell it.) He is so excited and is doing so well with her so far by taking her outside to do her business, feeding her and he constantly has to have Jonezee by his side. I am so proud of him for doing so good!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~Cheery Yellow~

What is it about Yellow that just makes someone Happy? It's just so Cheery! One of my favorite here are some pretty Yellow Photos!
I have been looking at digital cameras online and was thinking of purchasing the Kodak Easyshare Z915....Does anyone have this type of camera or know anyone that does? I was just wondering if it was a good camera or not? Also, if you have any other suggestions on a good camera that would be great!! I am looking to spend up to $250- Thanks
Anna Kern

Thursday, July 2, 2009