Tuesday, April 10, 2012

~Candy Shop~

I always tell everyone I wish I was born in the good old days.....a time when life seemed more simpler! My dad would tell stories of when he was a little kid and the visits with his own dad to the Old-fashioned Store down the street which sold candy bars. Whenever, he would go to the store with his dad, he wanted one of those candy bars. Well, unfortunately his dad would not buy him that candy bar every time they visited. So,my dad would play a trick just to get a Candy Bar. He would just take the wrapper off and starting eating it.  His Dad would just shake his head and say "BOY"!!  My dad would just smile because he knew that once that Candy Bar was opened, it would be his and would have to be paid for by his dad!
I've heard this story several times but I just love hearing it anytime!
Not sure why but It puts a smile on me face everytime....
just trying to picture the scene in my head I guess!
I just love walking into a candy store and getting overwhelmed just by the smell. The old-fashioned candy is the best.......Candy sticks, cotton candy, rock candy, taffy,bonbons, lollipops, gumballs, candy cigs, candy buttons, candy necklaces and much much more!

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