Wednesday, July 9, 2008

~Glorious Chandeliers~

I really like these modern chandeliers, I just don't think I would have them that close to my table. I would have to hang them up higher or perhaps either someplace else.

Via: VT Wonen

I found this picture in a old home magazine trying to sell their products. I've had the photo for a while but I can't remember the name of the magazine. But I thought this was a gorgeous decorated-up chandelier- so romantic! I love the beautiful flowers surrounding the candles.

Via: Forbes

This is the inside of a nice little nightclub. I thought it was a restuarant at first since it was so fancy-looking and appealing.

Via: Decorati Fuse Lighting

Love this huge Chandelier! It's perfect if you have a really tall ceilings to make the room feel more full. I bet that baby cost and weighs a ton though- Oh well! It's gorgeous!

Via: Emma Jane Pilkington

I love the colors and elegant feel of this last room designed by Emma. I want a fireplace in my home. This one is lovely!

Via: Fuse ID Designer: Kishani Perera

I believe this was designed for Molly Sims Home. Gosh- I can't remember for sure though.

Via: Room somehere
I have a thing for French Doors, glass doors, sliding doors- just anything to do with beautiful doors. I was wondering if these were doors or part of the home such as an entrance before you walk into the room. Which ever I really like them.