Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rose Mcgowen

Well, I really don't know that much about her except that she use to date Marilyn Manson and plays in the sit com Charmed. She did a really good job taking these photos- they are very glamorous.


  1. Wow - she looks really very very great! I like her look and style and these fotos are really very sexy!
    wish you a very nice day

  2. Nice pictures and nice posts on you blog. I'm sorry to hear that Norwegian isn't your favorite language, but I have the Google translater, and you should try it. It is hilarious, but somthing will anyway give you a clue about what I am writing ;-D

    I was posting pictures of my outdoor terracce. We just love it out there. Glad you liked my pictures. Nice of you to comment.


  3. they are stunning photos. she is so gorgeous! i love rose, especially in charmed :)

  4. she's always reminded me of old school glamourous film stars. and that first photo is great! love the oversized movie poster in the background - does anyone know what the title of that movie is?

  5. Amazing blog!!I like it very much!Sorry if my english writing is not always correct.


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