Monday, July 14, 2008

~Home Ideas~

Alright would anyone like to read about some great home decorating ideas? Well, I have a few for you! Real simple and pretty easy to do, which is what we all like-right?

1. Dressing the Bed- Want an instant slipcover for your bed? Find old pieces of fabric or even cut up old pieces of clothing. Get creative and lay them as they did in the photo below or any way that you wish.

2. Have some Fun with Frames- Let your imagination shine-in by designing a impressive display of your family love. Or if you desire just leave the frames blank for eye-catching adventure. Some might wonder or even ask why there is nothing in them, but it's fun and decorative!
Via: Better Homes and Garden


3. Teacup Jewelry Box- Show off your pretty jewels and keep them at hand by displaying them in a gorgeous little teacup. It makes new life for a teacup as well as a place to put your jewelry.

4. Gander Fun- Do you have a little porch, patio or a sitting area outside with some rafters at the top or just some sort of hideousness that needs to be covered up? Or is that outdoor space just too boring? Well, here's a solution. Get some dazzling vintage handkerchief's or any piece of fabulous fabric and place or even throw them up -if you like- above to conceal. Instant eye-candy to show off!

5. Bloomin'- Have an Old toothbrush holder jar or maybe a old birdcage laying around? You don't want those to go to waste, so fill them up with a display of a lovely flower arrangement. Immediate Floral Flair!

Or you might have an old fireplace that doesn't work, well put it to some good use! Give it a make-over so it will be fresh as a Daisy!

Via: The inspired

6. A peek inside- Is the sun too bright or do you simply need a little priacy area all for yourself? Fashion up those windows or space with a fun fabric shower curtain. Create a cozy and gorgeous feel!

Hope you enjoyed some of these inspiring tips that I thought were practical and add a fresh-look to your existing space. So hopefully you will try something new in your home whether it be one of these Funtastic Ideas or another! Daisy~