Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bold Black

You can never go wrong with black! It's a classic just like the great color it goes with so perfect-White!

Via: Forbes

Via: Lighting Universe

Via: Ideal Home

Via: Designer's Guild

Via: BH&G

Via: Candice Olsen

Via: Shoot Factory


  1. Black always looks beautiful in photographs but it just isn't for me. I once heard that there should always be one black piece in every room to ground it. That is about as far as I can go so maybe the lamp or a frame once I looked at a room and said the tv is black, done. Also in the last picture I thought I just saw that yesterday and read it was a hat! Amazing. Thanks for all the great insight, love the blog

  2. I would LOVE to paint one wall really dark grey in our bedroom. I've just never had the guts to do it! I do love black, as long as it's lightened up with creams and other colors. Beautiful images...

  3. I LOVE black and white rooms. Your images selection is flawless. Thank you for the inspiration. Someday I will have a big black shiny door.

    Anna :)

  4. ok so that lighting photo actually includes Candice Olsen as well - the drum pendant and the chairs are from her collections through AF lighting and Norwalk furniture (I'm a huge fan of both). Her eye for drama is contagious but it does get a little old, doesn't it. Your picture selection, however, I could look at those all day every day! As for the BH&G pics. - I think that issue was the one where I decided they had really changed, its no longer my grandmother's Better Homes for sure and I love it to death!
    Have a fabulously glamourous weekend darling!

  5. Great post! So many great images. My dining room chairs are the same as the ones in the Candice Olsen picture.

    Thanks for the sweet compliment on my blog.

  6. Another super post Daisy - I just love black & white! I really like the Designer Guild photo - what an interesting idea of placing the 2 chairs of opposite colours side by side, so inspirational!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Black and White are so classy together aren't they? Awesome pictures.

  8. J'adore votre blog, original , coloré, je suis fan !!! bravo !!!

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