Friday, July 18, 2008

It's the Weekend

It's the weekend and guess where I am going? Here in Louisville, Ky each year they have an event called Homearoma. They built 10-12 huge homes and then the public gets to see them for $10. They decorate these homes up and they are just gorgeous. I am going to take plenty of photos for inspiration. Can't wait! Have a good weekend! Daisy~

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  1. Popped open your blog and screamed oh oh oh! at the first picture. I love blue wicker and the trunk next to the chair is perfect. I wish I had a beach house so I could furnish it like that one image.
    Have fun at Homearama. I am surprised how many states do this kind of thing. I don't think it happens near me in PA.

  2. Love this last photo... nice relaxing room!
    Enjoy your home tour... LOVE home tours!

  3. i love the shutters above the bed! I am working all weekend and so it's going to be a dull one......

  4. That sounds like a glorious way to spend a weekend!! Have fun!!

  5. Oh, so many beautiful photos!
    I hope you really enjoyed the weekend!

    Hugs from Singapore

  6. Beautiful rooms you`ve got here!

  7. Found you blog by a fluke and I wanna say that I like it very much.
    This event sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend - I wish we had this here in germany too...
    Have a nice week.
    Greetings from germany


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