Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~Winter Wonderland~

Well, it's a White Winter here which means there is lots of snow!! I am stuck in the house and now wanting to go sleigh-riding! So in celebration of all the snow I thought I would post all things White. Have a great day~

Via: Here

Riverside Home in London

Via: Hemtex

Via: BH&G

Via: Car-Moebel

I'm sorry but some of these images I have had for sometime and did not write where they came from, so I don't have the credits to all the photos!


  1. WE are snowed in too and your White Winter Wonderland is just what I needed.. they are all so beautiful!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos...I could pick something out of each one that I just love. The first kitchen is amzing..I really like the floors...sigh~

    thanks for sharing, I am going back to take a second look!

    Stay warm~

  3. These rooms just make me happy! :) Great round-up!

  4. I love your blog. These photos are so inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  5. Inspiring!

    I thought you might like to know that in posting with white text, your words are invisible on google reader ...

  6. Isn't white great? It would be even more magical if it could withstand the mess from children!

  7. Love all the "Eye Candy". Thansk for sharing. I wish I had enough money to have someone som in a re-do my home to look like one of these!

  8. They're gorgeous!
    You are lucky you have snow:) Oh well, at least I have these lovely pictures to compensate the much-missed whiteness :)

  9. Love the gray headboard and the self with all the pretty plates.

  10. Love at first sight ;-)

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I am so crazy about WHITE, my biggest weakness. Everytime there is any photos of white rooms, I'm in heaven. Keep bringing them on girl.

  12. I jut found your blog and I love the name! I also love the pictures you posted -- every one of them is beautiful!

    Thanks for letting me stop by and look around!



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