Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Likings

Hey Blog World.....
I'm beginning to feel Blogs are a little something of the's now all about the social networks.... This seems to be where everyone is going! Don't you agree or am I just dreaming?
Well, hope to see you soon :)

House in Carmel...Sorry can't remember where I got this photo!



  1. It's funny you should ask that question. I let my own blog ( go for several months without any posts and recently began a 2nd blog ( The first one was intended mostly for business, but I found I needed a place to talk about some more personal stuff. So maybe I'm behind the times. I've been on Facebook and Pinterest for awhile and when I look at the stats, the blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz, and my website all work together. Traffic comes from all of those sources to my website. It's a lot of work, but as long as the blog drives traffic to the website, I will keep it up. It does get frustrating when no one responds to a blog post. Sometimes I wonder who really cares what I have to say, but then I'll run into someone who will let me know they just read my recent blog post. It does seem like I get the best interaction through Facebook. The dialogue goes back and forth faster and I receive more feedback.

  2. I felt like that too but decided that I would view like a diary of sorts for me. Who knows maybe my grandkids will enjoy it one day.


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