Thursday, August 7, 2008

A little Bit of Blue!

~Just some cute vintage finds~

Via: Designer's Guild

Designer: Mary McDonald

This is the cutest little office. I love the fantastic colors, divine furniture and the touch of pink flowers with the divine wall art~ so chic and girly ~ it's just perfect. My little dream outlet!

Photo Courtesy of: House of Turquoise

Via: Nella Vetrina

Via: Real Simple Magazine

Via: This old house

This little kitchen has such Vintage cottage charm. Even though it is simple it still has an allure to me in which I think is cozy and Chic.

Via: Studio Annetta
Love this bed- Very Glamorous!

Via: VT Wonen

Via: Linda Woodrum from HGTV

Not that crazy about the interior design, but I believe the ceiling structure and the color look great~ Very Neat!


  1. I LOVE BLUE!!!!! Beautiful pictures and inspiration:))
    Have a nice day!!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! These are great images!!

  3. Beautiful collection of inspiring blue images! Thanks for your comment on our blog.

  4. very beautiful and inspiring pictures!
    wish you a nice day
    sunny greetings from germany

  5. gorgeous.....I particulary love that pantry door !!! Fabulous !!!

  6. Daisy I LOVE these pictures. There is just no other colour that tops blue.

    Anna :)

    p.s Those little vintage finds, are they from your personal collection?

  7. No Anna- the vintage finds aren't from my personal collection, but I wish they were. I found them on some website but I just can't remember which one- sorry. Daisy~

  8. Such a pretty post -- everything looks so calm and relaxing.


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