Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Well, girls it's going to be a long weekend with labor day coming on Monday. But I am guessing not long enough really. So.... what's everyone doing? I thought of a good day for me that is!

I would start by leaving the house in my chic little car with my best bud. We would roll the top down and take off with our hair blowing in the wind. LOL! Start by taking a little trip in the countryside and admirng all it's beauty.
Stop at a few Flea Markets on the way home. See what goodies they have interesting!

Once getting home, I'd go relax in the sun and take a dip in the pool!

At night have a romantic dinner with my boyfriend and relax by the candlelight maybe looking at the stars!
Ok, sounds corny I know. But ....hey I can dream of having a home, car, pool and more that looks like this right? Enjoy your weekend!


  1. your weekend sounds nice ;o)
    wish you a great one!
    sunny greetings from germany

  2. have a great weekend!! love the photos you choose! you have awesome taste! xo Britt

  3. Ok...don't mind me, I'm just squeezing in the back...and you won't even know I am there for your romantic dinner ;~)

    Found your blog through Desire to inspire...Glad I did! I'll link ya!

  4. Love your weekend dream! Nothing wrong with dreaming! ENJOY your dreams! Fifi


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